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Post image for Using Red Gel to Boost Greens in the Background

In this proof of concept I hypothesized that much like an orange gel adds orange to your foreground ie. adds blue to your background – red could add green to your background when using a custom white balance. Including lighting diagrams and details about the gels used – this is a great example of using gels creatively can achieve extraordinary possibilities. Take a look, you might learn somethign about how to creatively use those Rosco Gels in a new way!

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Photography Background Support System

This video entry shows you just how quick and easy it is to setup the background stand I purchased from Only 5 minutes to put it together and get the 10′ x 20′ muslin on and ready to shoot! A great value purchase that is easy to setup and travel with.

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Post image for White Card Point and Shoot Camera Trick

Digital camera pictures of close ups too bright? Try using this free easy white card trick with any white piece of paper you have in the house.

Post image for iPhone Apps for Photographers: Strobox

Strobox is a great free iPhone or iPod Touch App for photographers, allowing you to create lighting diagrams quickly and easily. And Strobox has more than 25 objects to use in your lighting diagram and the ability to share diagrams via email.

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Muslin Gelled Blue

Seamless muslin to use or to dye for photography backgrounds are tricky to find depending on your location in the world. That’s why I’ve brought you this list of retailers who sell muslin or canvas wider than 9′ for you background needs.

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Use the Patch Tool to Remove Background Distractions

It’s easy to remove distractions from a background of your photograph using Adobe Photoshop’s patch tool. In this article you’ll see how to use the patch tool in a screen cast as well as details of the before and after as seen in the video!

Location is Everything in Real Estate and Photography!

Finding a great outdoor location can be a challenge – between picking a location convenient for all members of the team shooting and having a back up plan if Mother Nature’s elements don’t cooperate.

I’m sharing three of my best ways to find and scout excellent, and mostly legal, photography shoot locations. Some of them don’t even require you to leave your computer!

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White Egg on a White Background

Lighting an egg is not the ultimate test, but a good exercise in lighting. When photographing an egg you want to eliminate as much shadow as possible but give the egg definition so it doesn’t get washed out in the white.

Lighting a white egg on a white background is a fun Strobist exercise and here I documented my attempt. Five slightly tweaked lighting setups with photos of the setup and produced image. You should give it a try and share your attempt!

Post image for Rosco Gel Samples Just Arrived

How I made the Rosco gel samples I ordered easier to access to play with filtering light coming from my sb600 off camera flash for only $1.95!

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Post image for Photographing Flowers; The Strobeless Approach

I’ll walk you through a still-life, flower photo shoot I did. Including reflecting the subject on glass and a mirror, and achieving a solid background with items I had lying around my place.

It’s easy to use the ambient light in the room to light a photograph well. It’s all about reflecting and redirecting the light!

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DIY Background Canvas

After reading the Strobist article about Home Depot (cheap) photography solutions I gave dying my own backdrop a shot. It’s not a 100% successful attempt but I learned a lot about what I should do next time.

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Post image for Smoothie Photo Shoot

I had planned to photograph the smoothie (which is a raspberry/purple color) in a plain clear tumbler glass, slice of fresh lemon on the edge, with an orange straw that has a pink stripe running down it, against a white background with a little bit of a shadow.

I actually stole a handful of straws from Dunkin’s this morning for this project. Though after doing some Goggling I found some articles that area giving me some different ideas and variations I’d really like to try also!