The Day I Really Lost My HDR Virginity

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Coffee Hop in HDR

Sunday morning I downloaded the trial of Photomatix went into the basement and took a few photos of the creepy, poorly lit door, the corner with some light shining in through a window unseen, as well as an old rusty chair. I ran my little bottom back upstairs, loaded up my RAW’s and got to processing.

Photo Matix

Now I made an attempt at HDR way back when using Photoshop CS2 but just didn’t get why people thought it was so awesome, and found it frustrating that I couldn’t get the results I desired. It was all about the tone mapping that Photomatix has that gives HDR’s I had seen their magic touch.

The Exposures I Used:

Basement HDR f/9.0 30secBasement HDR f/9.0 15secBasement HDR f/9.0 4secBasement HDR f/9.0 1.6secBasement HDR f/9.0 0.6sec
(click to enlarge)

To Create:
B is for Basement


And then there was the Coffee Hop, I spotted it on a drive down RT12 in Oxford, MA.

The Exposures:
Coffee Hop HDR f/22 1/4secCoffee Hop HDR f/22 1/15secCoffee Hop HDR f/22 1/60secCoffee Hop HDR f/22 1/75sec
(click to enlarge)

The Result:
C is for Coffee Hop

Mmmmmm… HDR is delicious! Needless to say after running the demo only three times I bought the program. Only $85 with discount promo codes. Just do a search for Photomatix discount or Photomatix promo to see what you can find. And don’t settle on the first discount, I saw discounts of 5%, 10% and 15%. Guess which one I went with?

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