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I was going through some of my old Lightroom catalogs when I came across a shoot I did last year. I was looking through my five star flags and found a few interesting shots that I realized I had edited entirely in Lightroom. I really liked these shots and thought they would make great presets so here’s one of the few I found.

Cloudy Glow Portrait Preset

I call this preset cloudy glow because of the way it brightens the skin to a soft glow with a bright white “cumulus” look about it. Okay or I was just being a little dramatic with my naming but I thought it flowed well.

Download the Cloudy Glow Lightroom Preset for Portraits
Need help installing? DPS has a good article for you on how to install Lightroom presets

It’s very versatile and works beautifully with head shots and portraits. Hope you enjoy! Post links to any photos you use this preset in, I’d love to see them!

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